Winter walking in Terento/Terenten in Val Pusteria/Pustertal

About snow-covered forests and icicles

A winter walk through snow-covered forests to reach Alpine meadows and lodges is a unique experience – in a landscape that is totally covered in white powder and icicles, with clear fresh air and the sound of crunching snow with each footstep. During a winter walk, nature is perceived in a particularly intense way. Gain unforgettable memories on one of the many winter walking paths that Terento/Terenten has to offer. Sometimes, it is possible to combine winter walking with tobogganing, for instance on Pertinger Alm: Here you can walk uphill and use your toboggan to come back to your point of departure.


Here are a few of our top walking tips for your holiday in Val Pusteria:


Il Giogo/Am Joch

Duration: 2 h

Altitude: 812 m

Difficulty: medium

Starting point: Monteneve/Schneeberg car park, 1,592 m

Endpoint: Il Giogo/Am Joch, Terento, 2,404 m


Alpe di Rodengo/Rodenegger Alm

Duration: 2 h

Altitude: 648 m

Difficulty: medium

Starting point: San Lorenzo/St. Lorenzen-Elle/Ellen – Kreuzner car park, 1,545 m 

Endpoint: Giogo d’Asta/Astjoch-Alpe di Rodengo/Rodenegger Alm, 2,193 m 


Lago Rio Verde/Grünbachsee

Duration: 2 h

Altitude: 569 m

Difficulty: medium

Starting point: Chienes/Kiens-Corti/Hofern – Gelenke car park, 1,690 m

Endpoint:Lago Rio Verde/Grünbachsee, 2,259 m